7 Oct: O level Graduation Party Celebration

16 Sept: Children’s Day Celebration

5 Sept: Fire Drill Exercise

5 Sept: Teacher’s Day Celebration

1 Jun: Picking up Litter Activities

 19 Apr: 2016 Newater Visitor Centre

11 Mar: Pledge your support for Earth Hour

08 Mar: Singapore City Gallery at URA

07 Mar: Application Fee is raised to S$535

24 Feb: Future of Us Exhibition


17 Dec: Visiting National Library

20 Nov: Books Donation

12 Nov: Fire Prevention Talks

25 Sep: Children’s Day Celebration 

04 Sep: Teacher’s Day Celebration

03 Sep: Fire Drill Exercise

26 Aug: AVA Food Safety Talk 

26 Jun: Litter-Free Neighbourhood Activity 

08 May: Crime Prevention Talk 

01 Apr: In-House Education Programme Semakau Landfill 

25 Mar: Hanbridge Students Paying Their Respects to the First Prime Minister of Singapore 

18 Mar: NEWater Visitor Center Tour 


31 Dec: Singapore City Gallery Visit 

05 Dec: 13th School Anniversary Party

27 Nov: Books Donation 

12 Nov: Fire Prevention Awareness 

10 Oct: O-Level Graduation Party 

29 Sep: Children’s Day 

05 Sep: Teacher’s Day 

04 Sep : Fire Drill Exercise

20 Aug : Marina Barrage & Gallery Tour

01 Jul: Student Embrace Litter-Free Env

24 Apr: 2014 AVA Food Safety Talk

10 Apr: Crime Prevention Talk

27 Mar: Newater Visitor Centre

20 Feb: Samakau LandFill NEA DVDSamakau LandFill NEA DVD


21 Nov: Hanbridge School 12th Anniversary Party

27 Jun: Volunteering Handicaps Welfare Association

25 Jun: Crime Prevention Talks

15 Jun: NUS Education Visit and Lecture

10 May : Sharing and Motivation Talk

15 Apr : Understanding of Vision,Mission,Value and Culcure for students

14 Apr : GCE ‘O’ Level Examination Timetable for 2013

27 Mar:  To Encourage the Spirit of all ‘O’ Level students

04 Feb:  AVA Food Safety Talk



26 Feb: GPC Students’ Motivation Talk
28 Jan: Chinese New Year Celebration


06 Dec: Hanbridge School 12th Anniversary Party- Photo
15 Nov: Fire Prevention Awareness
11 Oct: Prep. Course for GCE O-Level Graduation Party
04 Oct: Children’s Day Celebration
17 Sep: Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
06 Sep: Teacher’s Day Celebration
05 Jul: Youth Day Celebration
07 May: Visit NeWater Visitor Centre
23 Apr: Visit Asia Civilization Museum
25 Mar: Visit NEA’s Installation
09 Feb: Chinese New Year Celebration 2013