Achievement 2012

Please refer to the below name list about our students enrolled by government school (including Poly) in 2012.
No. Student’s Name                           Nationality                                    School Information
1 Pan XinZhan 潘新瞻                           China                     TP (Dip in Aviation Management & Services)
2 Hu Xiao 胡晓                                     China                     TP (Dip in Business Intelligence & Analytics)
3 Lee Taehoon                                     Korea                     RP (Dip in Common Engineering Programme)
4 Liang Yue 梁越                                  China                     RP (Dip in Common Engineering Programme)
5 Chen HuaLiang 陈华亮                       China                     RP (Dip in Supply Chain Management)
6 Wan Hui 万慧                                    China                     RP (Dip in Digital Entertainment Electronics)
7 Zhou Yin 周吟                                   China                     TP (Dip in Green Building & Sustainability)
8 Ran Jing 冉婧                                   China                              Bendemmer Secondary School
9 Bao Kong Ming 鲍孔茗                       China                                Tanglin Secondary School
10 Meng ShiYao 蒙诗垚                        China                               Macpherson Primary School
12 Ratthanavudh Nantanat                  Thailand                            Yang Zheng Primary School
13 Wang RuiTong 王睿通                      China                              Hong Kah Secondary School
14 Dou HaoDuo 窦浩铎                         China                            Bedok North Secondary School
15 Lin Da林达                                      China                            Yiu Chu Kang Secondary School
16 Hsieh ChiaTang 谢家堂                     China                           TaiWan Ping Yi Secondary School
17 Xu HongPan 徐鸿盼                         China                               Bendemeer Secondary School
18 Feng KeFei 冯克非                           China                               Bendemeer Secondary School