Achievement 2013

Please refer to the below name list about our students enrolled by government school (including Poly) in 2013.

No.    Student’s Name            Nationality                                            School Information
1       Zhang Hui 张慧               China                    TP(Dip in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Programme)  
                                                                              RP(Dip in materials Science)
2     Yan BingTao 闫秉涛           China                  RP (Dip in Common Engineering Programme) 
                                                                              MASSEY UNIVERSITY (New Zealand)      
3     Song FeiYu 宋非雨             China                  RP (Dip in Common Engineering Programme)
4         Yang Zi 杨子                 China                    RP (Dip in Customer Relationship & Service Management)
5         Yin Yuan 殷源               China                    RP(Dip in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Programme)
6     Liang ZhaoLin 梁兆麟         China                  RP(Dip in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Programme)