Certificate in Standard English (Level 3) Pre-Intermediate

Certificate in Standard English (Level 3) Pre-Intermediate

Course Scope:

To help learners improve their English academic language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). For learners to be better equipped in orfer to progress towards the goal of studying for the diploma modules in Hanbridge School.

Emphasis of this course will be placed more on the learner’s comprehension and writng component as this course is the bridging language module to the school’s diploma module. Reading and Writing component is given 100 hours respectively in order to cope with the complexity of these two components for the assessment as compared to the speaking component.


Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

The course is also divided into 3 stages in order for learners to have progressive learning through staged learning goals and aims to each stage. At the end of week 10, there will be an intensive revision and review week to recap the topics coved throughout the module and week 12 will be the final assessment where examination and presentation takes place.


Description of Each Module within the course:

Stage 1: Early Production

Main focus at this stage is to build learner’s confidence in learning English. Instructors will spend more time in encouraging learners to speak and listen in class, follow by having learners to begin writing and forming simple sentences and begin reading and understanding simple passages.

Stage 2: Speech Emergence

Main focus at this stage is to ensure learners gain greater comprehension skills and  fluency writing in English. Instructors will spend more time in learners comprehension and written skills while training them to develop confidence in speaking.

Stage 3: Intermediate Fluency

Main focus at this stage to ensure learners intermediate level of English proficiency where they are comfortable in using English on a dalily basis and are able to follow through the leassion with ease. Instructors will put in more time in developing learner’s comprehension and writing skills.


Coure Duration and Contact Hours:

3 months, 360 hours


Course Schedule for Standard English Course Year 2018

12 March 2018

11 June 2018

01 October 2018


Entry Requirement:

All applicants must have attained at least the age of 14; Applicants whose English level is equivalent to Primary 6, and academic level is Secondary 2 or equivalent.


Teacher-Student ratio: Maximum 1:41


Course Fee Structure:





















Assessment Mode and Schedule:

In Class Assignment: 60% (Group & Individual Presentation, Written Assignments & Class Participation)

Final Examination (Written): 40% (Multiple-Choice Question & Open-Ended Questions)


Award and Progression Pathway:

Certificate in Standard English (Level 3) Pre-Intermediate

Passing Rate: 90% Attendance; 50% Overall Assessment