Examination Board

The examination board serves the function of setting the policy and governance for the establishment, conduct and review of the assessment structure of all the courses delivered at Hanbridge Institute.

The composition of the board is as follows :

Mr. Kok Hon Sam Master degree of Science in Leisure Administration, Chaoyang University of Taiwan, R.O.C

Bachelor degree of Communication Arts, Chaoyang University of Taiwan, R.O.C

Dr. Joanne Yeoh Sin Wei Doctor of Philosophy, University of Tasmania, Australia

Master of Education, University of Tasmania, Australia

Bachelor of Education(Honours), Universiti Sains Malaysia

Mr. Victor Kow Yang Phong Master of Science in Human Resource Management, Rutgers – State University of New Jersey (USA)

Master of Business Administration, University of Dubuque (Iowa, USA)

Bachelor of Business, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia




Updated as 3 April 2020