Feedback and Complaints Management

1. Handling of Feedbacks and Complaints

1.1 The dispute resolution policy and procedures are to be made known to students. This may
be through the website, student handbook or orientation materials.

1.2 The Institute accepts both written (emails / letters / Feedback Forms) and verbal
communications (meetings / telephone correspondences) for ease of providing feedback
and acknowledgement of feedback will be done within 3 days.

1.3 The Institute is to seek feedback from its key stakeholders and external partners for continual improvement of its systems and processes.

1.4 All feedbacks and complaints must be properly recorded and /or documented. Any
correspondence (including actions taken) between the Institute and the complaint must be
annexed as evidences. This is to ensure that any staffs handling the case are kept aware of
the progress / outcomes.

1.5 The complaint must be kept informed of the status of their feedback / complaints, and
should be responded to in a timely manner.

1.6 All feedbacks / complaints must be resolved within 21 working days. In the event that the
deadline is not adhered to, respective complainants must be notified and the reasons with
regards to the delay must be made known.

1.7 The dispute resolution policy and procedures are to be aligned with the Private Education

1.8 All feedback and complaints are to be evaluated, and improvements to be made in response to them. Such improvements are to be documented for re-evaluation after its
implementation, and the complaint/person giving feedback will be informed.

1.9 Feedback should be utilized in order to identify what drives positive experiences so that the Institute can enhance these areas.

2. Review of Feedback and Complaints Management System

2.1 The Management Team will review all feedbacks and complaints on an annual basis. This is to be documented in a report format.

2.2 Management Team will also use this review as a platform for reviewing the Feedback and
Complaints Management System. The Management Team is to use the points discussed within the review and evaluate how the system can be improved.

2.3 The Management Team is to regularly review the Feedback and Complaints Management
System, Communication Channels, Policy and Procedures within the Institute, and see how they can be improved.