Higher Diploma in Business Management
 (Business FinTech Management) (HDip-BMBFM)

  • Develop design thinking skills in relations to a Fintech environment for business organisations.
  • Understand new technologies currently deployed by FinTech disruptors and how this impact business of the future.
  • Learn the uses of Blockchain to streamline processes, establish trust and accountability.
  • Gain knowledge in areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital privacy in organizations.
  • Develop skills in experiential, interactive and integrative learning.
  • Develop team and collaborative working skills.

This programme provides an ideal study path for people wishing to start their own business or be involved in early stage start-up companies. Equally, as larger organisations are increasingly valuing people who can innovate and act entrepreneurially from a management perspective, those looking to pursue career options will gain highly relevant and applicable skills.

Benefits of the programme:

This programme provides an ideal study path for people wishing to start their career in business that involved FinTech and related businesses. This programme will deepen student understanding of the rapidly changing FinTech landscape and the impact of new innovations on traditional business models. You will be equipped to identify opportunities for disruption, and understand harness new technologies to build a better business.

Main career options:

FinTech Business Owners, Cybersecurity and Payment Executives, Quantitative Analysts, Finance Support Executives, Digital Marketing Executives, Digital Project Executives, Cybercurrency Executives and Artificial Intelligence Support Executives.