Student Achievements in 2018

Please refer to the below name list about our students enrolled by government schools (including Polytechnics) in 2018.

No. Student’s Name Nationality School Information
1 Qian WenDong Chinese Temasek Polytechnic, Common ICT Programme
2 Chen LiXi Chinese Temasek Polytechnic, Diploma in Clean Energy
3 Luo YanXin Chinese Yu Neng Primary School, Primary 4
4 Ibrahim Raaphil Ahmed Maldives North Spring Primary School, Primary 3
5 Melicen Anggraini Indonesia Peirce Secondary School, Secondary 2
6 Ma YiMeng Chinese St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School, Primary 5
7 Deng ChuXi Chinese Geylang Methodist School (Primary), Primary 4
8 Zhou YuanZuo Chinese Bedok Green Primary School, Primary 3
9 Chen SiRui Chinese Catholic High, Secondary 1
10 Zhu ZhiMo Chinese St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School, Secondary 2