Student Support Service List

1. The core list of support services are:

(a) Student handbook is given out to all newly enrolled students to orientate them on important information of the Institute.

(b)Medical Insurance coverage is provided to all enrolled students, via AXA Insurance. There can be an exemption for Singaporean/PR if they are already covered by their own medical insurance plan (proof must be shown to the Institute to be able to opt-out).

(c) The Administration department handles / processes all student requests.

(d) Feedback form is easily available for students to provide valuable insights into helping the Institute to continually improve the student experience.

2. List of Comprehensive Services Available in the Institute:

(a) For all new students
The School will provide the following services to ensure that students make a smooth transition to
Singapore : –

• Individual and personalized long distance calls to parents / agents to inform them on arrival
• Accommodation Support Service
• Arrangement for Medical Screening
• Arrangement for Bank Account Opening
• Visa / Student Pass Application
• Student Orientation Programme

(b) For all Current & Enrolled Students
The School aims to provide all students with an academic education of the highest standards
through the provision of these services:
• Certified Counselor
• Students’ Outings and Activities
• Educational Tours
• Library Access for References
• Personalize updates to parents on admission matters / students’ progress which includes :
(1) Informing parents on student admission matters / services, including airport pick up,
accommodation, etc.
(2) Informing parents on student issues, including attendance rate, behavior, academic
performance, etc.
• Student Progress Reports
• Principal – Student dialogue sessions

(c) For enhancing overall Student Experience
In ensuring that the School provides for an exceptional student experience, it undertakes to provide
the following services:
• Monthly review of students’ attendance
• Student Evaluation Surveys (Student Satisfaction Survey / Module Evaluation Survey / Graduate
Survey / Pre-course Counselling and Orientation Satisfaction Survey / End of Course Survey)
• Feedback forms
• Dispute resolution process

(d) For all WSQ and any Higher Learning Final Year Students and Alumni Looking for Work

In ensuring that the Institute enhances graduates’ employability and/or job skills, it undertakes to provide the following post-course advisory support services:

• Career counsellors to provide career consulting and assist in job placement

• Career Networking Session including seminars and Sharing by Companies etc.