Study Tour

Hanbridge Institute has been conducting study tours for over 15 years for international students and adult learners who wants to experience Singapore.  

Our study tour programmes focused on experiential learning activities aim to develop intercultural values and international competences for international students and professionals. We provide an educationally and culturally enriching learning experience where every participant will have an enriching learning alternative to traditional classroom-based learning as part of the study tour. Our study tours are designed and customised to the needs of each group and learning objectives. We strive to meet specific learning outcomes with an aim to enrich every participant knowledge and experiences when they are in Singapore. We are also able to offer study tours to other S.E. Asia countries as part of our Singapore Study Tour curriculum.

A typical study tour lasts 14 Days but we could design a curriculum for any numbers of days. We plan and run the programmes so you don’t need to worry about anything for your groups.

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