Entrepreneurship Courses & Training in Singapore


If you are a budding entrepreneur looking to start your own business in Singapore or beyond, our entrepreneurship courses will provide you with the training you need. At Hanbridge Institute, one of the leading private schools in Singapore, we offer accredited courses in entrepreneurship training that will equip you with the fundamentals and skills of running your own business.

What Our Entrepreneurship Courses Offer

If you are planning to start your own business or be involved in early-stage startup companies, you can consider the Higher Diploma in Business Management (Entrepreneurship Innovation Management) at Hanbridge Institute. Through this course, you will understand the importance of business innovation and its related technological management and be equipped with knowledge on the challenges, patterns, and practices of entrepreneurship. Students will also develop highly applicable experiential, interactive and integrative learning and collaborative working skills.

For those who wish to start a business in FinTech, the Hanbridge Higher Diploma in Business Management (Business FinTech Management) is for you. Through this course, you will learn about the rapidly evolving FinTech landscape and the influence of innovations on traditional business models. At the end of the course, you will be able to identify disruption opportunities and leverage novel technologies for business growth.

Organisations increasingly value individuals who can innovate and act entrepreneurially. Therefore, these entrepreneurship courses will also benefit those working in related fields who wish to gain relevant skill sets.

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Get started on your entrepreneurial journey and sign up for our courses today! In addition to our entrepreneurship training courses, we are also pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of courses, including MBA courses, Preparatory courses, English courses, Summer courses, Adult Learning courses and more. If you require any programme recommendations or have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.